Southwest American Indian Ruins
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Wukoki Ruin

Exterior view of a large Indian ruin. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

General View of the Wukoki Ruin
Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

The Kayenta Anasazi built this pueblo in the 12th century on a rocky mound.  Wukoki means "big house" in the language of the Hopi Indians, who are among the most likely Kayenta Anasazi descendants.  A portion of the ruin still rises nearly three full stories.  Archaeologists believe that it housed up to three large Indian families.  The rocky landscape and arid climate makes it hard to believe that they had been able to farm the surrounding land successfully, but rain had once been more plentiful in the region.  Photograph taken in 1991 by Howard J. Partridge.
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