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Samuel Newsom's 1905 Town Hall in Gilroy, California. First floor colonnade at the Colosseum, 69-80 A.D.  Rome, Italy Cliff Palace Ruins, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Built by the Anasazi Indians, circa 1200. Chateau Saumur, Saumur France, 14C.
Cupolas, Domes, and
Ancient & Classical
Southwest American
Indian Ruins
The city of Florence, Italy.  View toward the Uffizi Palace and the Cathedral. Ange-Jacques Gabriel's Petit Trianon, 1762.  In the Trianons portion of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.  Versailles, France. Ryves Holt House, begun 1665 in Lewes, Delaware. Italianate Victorian house, circa 1860. Janesville, Wisconsin.
Renaissance &
Mannerist Arch.
Baroque, Rococo, &
Neoclassical Arch.
Colonial & Early
American Buildings
19th & Early 20th C.
Victorians & Revivals
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"Architecture is the art of how to waste space."

- Phillip Johnson, as quoted by the New York Times, December 27, 1964

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