Renaissance and Mannerist Architecture
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Courtyard elevation. Front entry elevation showing an equestrian statue of Louis XII above the gate. Built 1498-1503. View of the cloister from the campanile. View from the campanile of Palladio's Church of San Giorgio Maggiore across the Grand Canal toward St. Mark's Square. Jacopo d'Antonio Tatti Sansovino's Library and Mint are at far left. The Doges' palace (by an unknown architect) is the white building in center.
? Architect, Louis XII
Wing, Château Blois
1498-1503. Blois, Fr.
Doge's Palace, 1404
Library & Mint, 1537-45
Venice, Italy
View of the chateau and lake in the rain. Garden elevation of a Florentine Renaissance palace.  Original palace attributed to Filippo Brunelleschi, started posthumously in 1458.
? Arch't, Louis XII
Wing, Château
Blois, beg. 1498
A. Palladio, San
Giorgio Maggiore
1566. Venice, Italy
View of the monumental spiral stair tower from the chateau's courtyard. Arno river elevation.
Jean Bullant Château
de Chantilly, 1560
Chantilly, France
Bartolomeo Amannati
Palazzo Pitti Additions
1558-70. Florence, Italy
Front elevation of a large French Renaissance chateau. Front elevation of an Italian Renaissance palace.
Gilles le Breton
Château Fontainebleu
begun 1528
Fontainebleu, France
? Architect
François I Wing
Château Blois
1515-24. Blois, Fr.
Giorgio Vasari
Uffizi Palace
Florence, Italy
Michelozzo di
Palazzo Medici-Ricardi
1444. Florence, Italy

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