Renaissance and Mannerist Architecture
Gallery Two

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Oblique view of the castle entry and moat.  No known architect. View of the city from a nearby hill. Oblique front elevation. Slightly oblique front elevation of an unfinished palace.
View toward the Uffizi
and the Cathedral
Florence, Italy
Andrea Palladio
Palazzo Chiericati
1550's. Vicenza, Italy
Silhouette of the Vatican at sunset.  Taken from across the Tiber River. Front elevation of a very influential Palladian villa.
Sløt, beg. 1560
Hillerød, Denmark
A. Palladio, Loggia
del Capitaniato
1571. Vicenza, It.
View of the gallery built over the moat reflected in the water.  No known architect. Interior of the theater looking down one of stage sets built with a false perspective.
Giacomo della Porta
Dome of St. Peter's
1588-90. Rome, Italy
Andrea Palladio
Villa Rotonda, 1567
Vicenza, Italy
Oblique elevation from the city's main plaza.  This is considered the popular source of the Palladian window, an arched window flanked by two smaller rectangular ones. View of the Mannerist masterpiece from one corner.
Sløt, beg. 1560
Hillerød, Denmark
Andrea Palladio, Basilica
(Palazzo della Ragione)
beg. 1549. Vicenza, It.
Andrea Palladio
Villa Rotonda, 1567
Vicenza, Italy
A. Palladio, Teatro
Olimpico, begun
1580. Vicenza, It.

"Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building after seeing Italy."

- Fanny Burney, quote found on the Internet, original source unknown.

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