Cupola, Dome, and Tower
Gallery Three

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Interior view of dome and cupola. Interior view of dome and cupola of the Chapel of the Holy Shroud.  Destroyed by fire a few years ago.  Was inside St. John's Cathedral. Castle towers with ornate cupola like structures on top. Polygonal cupola (as belfry?) topping gate tower.
Guarino Guarini
San Lorenzo, 1668-87
Turin, Italy
Garden Facade showing a very inspired, whimsical roof filled with cupolas, chimneys, and dormers.  Cupolas crown the central stair and each round tower.
G. Guarini, Chapel
Santa Sindone
1667-90. Turin, It.
Castle, 1560. near
Copenhagen, Den.
Tour de l'Horlage
(city gate), 1490's
Amboise, France
Detail of lantern/cupola (with fleur de lis on top) over main double helical stairway.  From a 1981 postcard by Valoire. Medieval tower with two cupola like structures on top. Domes, tower and corner buttress/towers with mostly slender columnated cupolas.  From a 1981 postcard by Guy.
Domenico da Cortona
Château de Chambord
1519-47. St-Dyé, Fr.
Considered the prototype for the Palace of Versailles.  Note elliptical dome with balustrade and cupola on top.  This crowns the Grand Salon.
Le Vau, Le Nôtre, &
Lebrun, Château de
Vaux le Vicomte, 1656-
61. near Melun, France
Cortona, Château
de Chambord
1519-47. near
St-Dyé, France
Watchtower in
outer battlements
708-1400's. Mont
St. Michel, France
Paul Abadie
Basilica, beg. 1876
Paris, France

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan, A stately pleasure dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, ran,  Through caverns measureless to man, Down to a sunless sea.  So twice five miles of fertile ground, With walls and towers were girdled round."

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge,  from Kubla Khan, 1798.

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