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Seriously eroded landscape formed by the Colorado river over millions of years. Eroded hills with colorful banding. Rocky, fissured, weather-worn landscape.
View from South Rim
Grand Canyon National
Park, Arizona
Painted Desert
Petrified Forest Nat'l
Park, Arizona
Painted Desert,
Petrified Forest Nat'l
Park, Arizona
More rocky, fissured, weather-worn landscapes. Trail just above natural? rock tunnel to old Indian ruins (circa 1050-1150). Canyon view.  Ancient Indian artifacts have been found in the numerous caves in rocks beyond.
Painted Desert,
Petrified Forest Nat'l
Park, Arizona
White House Ruins
Trail, Canyon de Chelly
Nat'l Mon. Chinle, AZ
View from North Rim,
Canyon de Chelly,
Nat'l Mon. Chinle, AZ
Canyon floor still inhabited by Navajos. View from one of the overlooks on the way up to the visitor's center. Sunset in the land of practically endless summer daylight.  Probably was about 2:00 am or later when this was shot.
South Rim near Spider
Rock?, Cyn. de Chelly
Nat'l Mon. Chinle, AZ
Road to Mesa Verde
National Park, near
Cortez, Colorado
Sunset from a
fire watchtower
Savolinna, Finland

"...Don't look much like Southampton docks to me, my lord.  What?  Well, those streams of molten lava and that steaming mangrove swamp... And that crowd of beckoning natives rubbing their tummies and pointing to a pot... ...Oh, God..."

- Baldrick and Edmund in the "Potato" episode of Black Adder.

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