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Pink sandy beach.  From a 1978 postcard by Stephen A. Bainbridge. Rows of olive trees on estate. Foggy, windy road through redwoods and forest primeval.   Old road south of Highway 92.
Beach along
the South Shore
Olive Grove at
Filoli Gardens
Woodside, California
Old coastal mountain
road on way to Half
Moon Bay, California
Still in the drought; reservoir was pretty low. Lake in the Gold Country. Road on way up eastern side of Mt. Whitney.
San Andreas Reservoir
through the trees, near
San Mateo, California
New Melones Reservoir
Melones (near Angels
Camp), California
Rocky outcroppings
Alabama Hills near
Lone Pine, California
Road through Alabama Hills to Mt. Whitney. View from overlook before descending into the valley.  115 degrees Fahrenheit in the valley down below!  Hot but dry, the car held up well. Colorful rock formations.  One of the few places where one can safely stop the car on this road.
Eastern approach to
Mount Whitney, near
Lone Pine, California
Western approach to
Death Valley, near
Lone Pine, California
Canyon walls along
Artist's Drive, Death
Valley, California

"Well, she (Kochanski) won't be much use to you on Fiji now... not unless it snows and you need something to grit the path with."

- Holly to Lister, from the "The End" episode of Red Dwarf.

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