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Tyuonyi Pueblo (page 2 of 2)

View from the path to a nearby cave dwelling of a large pueblo with a circular plan. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

General View of the Ruins
Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

The Anasazi Indians who built this early 14th century pueblo located it beside a small permanent stream, marked by the line of trees at the back of this photograph.  The surrounding area supported abundant game for hunting.  It also offered rich volcanic soil for farming.  Archeologists have found evidence that the inhabitants engaged in a variety of irrigation and conservation techniques to enhance their farming activities.  Their crops included beans, corn, squash, and other edible plants.  This birdseye view shows the pueblo from a trail leading up toward the neighboring cliff dwellings.  Photograph taken in 1991 by Howard J. Partridge.
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