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Free standing spiral stair, said to have been built without nails. Stone stairway and balustrade in the front entry hall. A masterpiece in French classicism by François Mansart. Columns salvaged from a U.S. capitol renovation.  Redesigned by Page as a freestanding sculpture in the U.S. National Arboretum. Interior view of the main hall with its gigantic Corinthian columns.  Montgomery Miegs modeled the exterior of this enormous structure after the Farnese Palace in Rome, Italy.
F. Mansart, Château de
Maisons-Lafitte, 1642-
51. Maisons-Lafitte, Fr.
Russell Page, Capitol
Column Sculpture
1988. Washington, D.C.
View of a monumental Baroque stairway. View looking down the second floor loggia that faces the Grand Canal.
? Arch't, Loretto
Chapel 1878.
Santa Fe, NM
M. Miegs, Pension
Building, 1882
Washington, D.C.
Interesting lion sculpture supporting a column.  Flanks main entry to church. View looking down the passage between two rows of columns.
Specchi & De Sanctis
Spanish Stairs, 1723-25
Rome, Italy
? Architect, Loggia
at the Doges' Palace
1404. Venice, Italy
Flamboyant stone vaulting. From a 1974 museum postcard. View looking out of the second floor loggia toward Palladio's Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, across the Grand Canal.
? Arch't, Tempio
di San Lorenzo?
15C? Vicenza, It.
? Architect, Chapel in
the Hôtel de Cluny
ca. 1500. Paris, Fr.
? Architect Loggia
at the Doges' Palace
1404. Venice, Italy
Bernini, Colonnade
at St. Peter's Sq.
1656-67. Rome, It.

"Greeks invented three kinds of columns: Corinthian, Doric, and Ironic."

- Student Bloopers, quote found on the Internet.

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