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A picturesque farm building built in the Hamlet in the Trianons portion of the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Distant view of the Queen's House and the Mill across the lake.  Part of the Trianons portion of the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles. General view of the elliptical square, colonnade, and central obelisk from the steps of St. Peter's Basilica. Oblique front elevation of a small Italian Baroque church.
Richard Mique
The Hamlet, ca. 1783
Versailles, France
Gianlorenzo Bernini
St. Peter's Square
1656-67. Rome, Italy
A view of the dormitories built for the artisans who worked on the Palace of Versailles.  These are behind the Lesser Stables which face the palace. Belgian Baroque rowhouses along the main square in Brussels.
Richard Mique
Mill, circa 1783
Versailles, France
G. Bernini, Sant'
Andrea al Quirinale
1658-70. Rome, It.
A picturesque group of farm buildings built in the Hamlet, as seen across the lake. A tall, narrow rowhouse along the main square in Brussels.
J. H. Mansart, Gobelins
Factory Housing, circa
1678. Versailles, Fr.
Willem de Bruyn
Grand' Place, 1698
Brussels, Belgium
Rear (garden) elevation of a built in the same time period as Versailles.  N. Tessin the elder designed and began construction and N. Tessin the younger completed the project.  Carl Harleman and Eric Rehn enlarged the palace between 1744 and 1756. Oblique elevation of a wooden garden folly in the form of a tent with an Eastern flavor.  Located in the Drottningholm Palace gardens.
R. Mique, Dairy &
Marlborough Twr. 1784. Versailles Fr.
Nicodemus Tessin
Drottningholm Palace
1662. Stockholm, Swdn.
C. F. Adelcrantz
Garden Pavilion, 1768?
Stockholm, Sweden
Willem de Bruyn
Grand' Place, 1698
Brussels, Belgium

"He's making a fortune out of the things.  People are smoking them... building houses out of them...they'll be eating them next..."
"Stranger things have happened..."
"Well, exactly."
"...That horse becoming Pope... For one."

- Edmund and Baldrick, from the "Potato" episode of Black Adder.

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