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I know, I know, the world is becoming an increasingly litigious place.  One has to protect oneself, I suppose.  And one should respect the rights of the others whose works grace this site.

This website is defined as any World Wide Web page whose URL begins with a prefix.

All images, text, software, and other materials that appear on this site are either:

  1. original copyrighted works by Howard J. Partridge.
  2. works believed part of the public domain.
  3. works by others who have granted their permission to use them here.
  4. works from one of the other sources described below.

Credit of authorship/ ownership is given when known.  All photographs, scans, and other images coming from my personal collection are marked with my initials and a copyright date.  Unless noted otherwise in their image descriptions, all images and animations found at this site are my own, and are copyrighted.  The Cupola logo and all HTML documents at this site are copyright 1998-2014, by Howard Partridge of Cupola Consulting.

Some of the backgrounds used on this site (like this legal pad) came from public domain sources, and their authorship is unknown.  Many of the images found in the Art Gallery section of this site are from 30+ year old postcards.  Their photographers/ studios are noted (if known) and should appear when you move your mouse over an image in the picture galleries (thumbnail pictures only).  They are definitely not for commercial use or reproduction.  As a policy, I only use these when I have no photos of my own, or photography was forbidden in the museum where the works are found.  The material found in the Wordplay section is thought part of the public domain, unless noted otherwise in the document in which it appears.  Bear in mind that everything that appears on this site is bound by its individual author's legal requirements.

All images, trademarks, and symbols used herein are the properties of their respective owners.

If you see a problem, or something that you think you shouldn't, please me.

I try hard to provide accurate and worthwhile information, but I make no guarantee as to the veracity, accuracy, or even usefulness of anything appearing on this website.  All information and software is provided on an "as is" basis.  No liability is accepted for any damage caused by the use of this material, as well as by anything downloaded from this site.

Permission is granted to download the material on this site for private or educational use only.  Any commercial use or publication of this material is strictly prohibited.

Any graphics, text, or software found on this site may NOT be placed on other websites without the express permission of the author, and even when granted, must include the author's name.  Please be sure that you have read the disclaimers in the paragraphs above before downloading.

I am not responsible for the stuff you find at other sites, even if you got there from one of my links.  If you see something you don't like there, complain to them, not to me.DemonPC Animation by Denton's Dimensions

No animals were harmed during the creation of this site.  My computer has been acting strangely, however.  Know any good exorcists?

Website, copyright 1998-2014 by Howard J. Partridge of Cupola Consulting.  All rights reserved.

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