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General Art References and Databases:

M. Harden's Artchive home page.  An impressive collection of the works of notable artists throughout the ages.  The Artchive section offers an alphabetical listing of the artists and their works.  Site also has sections for art theory and criticism and special exhibitions.  An excellent resource, loaded with information and pictures.

John Malyon's Artcyclopedia site.  A huge database of artists offering links to sites featuring their works.  Includes some of its own images and commentary for some artists.  Spotlights a different artist each month.

Craig Eliason's Art Historian's Guide to the Movies.  An interesting site, covering appearances of and references to famous works of art and architecture in the movies.

The ArtLex Art Dictionary.  An online reference offering definitions of over 3,600 art and architectural terms, with thousands of supporting images.

The ArtMagick site.  A virtual museum showcasing 19th and 20th paintings and poetry.  Leans more toward artists whose works are not quite as well known, so you'll need to look elsewhere for the works of Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh.

AskArt.  An Internet based bluebook of artists.  Offers a vast database of artist names, with biographies, examples of their works and where to find them, books and articles about them, and more.

The Mother of all Art and Art History Links.  A fine collection of Art History Resources on the Net, from the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.  Listed under its sitemap is a well-crafted graphical overview of modern design history, beginning with its roots in the Industrial Revolution and progressing into the 21st century.

Olga's Gallery.  An extensive art history site that showcases of the works of prominent Russian, European, and American painters.

Museums and Galleries:

The Art Brut Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Showcases a fascinating collection of "outsider" art; that is, art from those cut off from society at large and mostly beyond the influences of the art world.  Much of the work on display came from people confined to mental institutions.  In French.

The Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design website.  Official site of the Berlin museum showcasing the modernist works of Germany's famous Bauhaus school.  An elegant site that provides a glimpse at one of the most influential design centers of the 20th century.

The International Sculpture Center.  Showcases the work of contemporary and historic sculptors, offers sculpture related news and information, includes a directory of sculpture parks from around the world, and more.  From the publishers of Sculpture magazine.

The Creighton University Virtual Museums.  This fun site showcases a diverse collection of arty and historical exhibits.  Students developed them as part of a college course taught by the Rev. Raymond A. Bucko, S.J.  Gallery subjects include Andy Warhol, M.C. Escher, Recycled Art, Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids, Medieval Gargoyles, Fear, and more.

The Louvre Museum website.  The official site of one of the world's best known art museums.

The Smithsonian Institution.  Official website of the national museums in Washington D.C.

The National Gallery of Art's Tours on the Web.  Virtual tours of some of the most notable exhibitions at this Washington D.C. museum, including one on Vincent Van Gogh.

The Vigeland Museum website.  A museum in Oslo, Norway, featuring the dramatic sculptures of Gustav Vigeland.  His greatest work, the Vigeland Installation, stands just outside the city in Frogner Park.

The Virtual Library Museums Pages.  Links to museums all over the world.

Nicolas Pioch's WebMuseum.  One of the larger virtual museums on the Internet.  Its galleries of famous artists and their works are informative and well organized.  Don't be put off by the vanilla main page; this site has a lot to offer.

The Wooster Collective.  A virtual museum dedicated to the celebration of Street Art.

Art Nouveau and Impressionism:

Belle Epoch.  Jo Stein makes the period between 1870 and 1914 the theme of his beautifully crafted website, a time of exceptional artistic and scientific achievement.  Includes some great Art Nouveau architecture images and links, listed by country.

The Gustav Klimt Museum.  Offers an extensive collection the famous Viennese painter arranged in thumbnail format.  Expo-Shop's Gustav Klimt gallery is also well worth a visit, as are their galleries of other featured artists.

Hewn and Hammered.  Offers news and information about Arts and Crafts related topics.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts website.  Among its excellent online collection of is a past overview of early modern art objects that includes sections on the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, the Wiener Werkstatte, De Stijl, the Bauhaus School, and Art Deco.

Claude Monet's Works.  A well done site covering over 80 of the French Impressionist's works of art.  Paintings featured here are available as posters as well.

The Morse Museum.  Boasts a stunning permanent collection of masterworks by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a leader in the American Art Nouveau movement.  The museum is located in Winter Park, Florida.

The Musée d'Orsay.  Home of the definitive collection of Impressionists, in Paris, France.  Offers a good overview of the collection, and is viewable in several languages.

The Vienna + Viennese Art website, from Label Art.  A site dedicated the art and culture of Vienna, Austria.  It offers paintings by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) and Otto Wagner architecture, music by Johann Strauss, and more.

The Zsolnay Tile Museum.  Chronicles the elegant Art Nouveau tile work of the former Hungarian factory.


Gargoyles and Gargoyle Photographs.  This is a fun website that offers a cornucopia of gargoyle pictures, discussions, and links.

The Gargoyle Store.  A fine place to pick up a gargoyle or grotesque to ward off those evil spirits at reasonable prices.  Features a nice page on gargoyle history too.  Based in Campbell, California.

Walter S. Arnold's Virtual Sculptor. Commercial site of a modern professional sculptor who worked on the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Private Collections:

Mark Cashman's Temporal Doorway site.  An eclectic site offering some really nice computer generated art, science fiction writing, U.F.O. information, and more.

Dan Heller's Home Page.  An eclectic personal website that includes an extensive travel photo gallery with images for sale, humor, movie reviews,  stories, and other fun stuff.

Shane Solow's Lost Trails website.  Eclectic and arty site that offers hauntingly beautiful photo tours from less traveled places around the world.  It is also home of the Herodotus Project, which includes a photographically enhanced English translation of Inquiries (from Herodotus, the ancient Greek dubbed the father of history).

Beryl Turner's Picturesque by Design website.  Offers a sizable collection of handsome photographs covering a wide range of subject matter, including animals, flowers, landscapes, flowers, and more.  Images are presented in thumbnail form, with enlargements available via a one-time site membership fee.

Commercial Collections:

Age of Elegance.  Handsome website of an antique dealer that specializes in period American art glass windows.

The Architech Gallery of Architectural Art.  A commercial gallery that specializes in architectural art.  Based in Chicago, Illinois.

The site.  A commercial site offering over 100,000 different art prints, posters, and photographs for sale.  A well-organized site with clickable thumbnail images of each print and a searchable index.

Artful Home.  A sophisticated and elegant online art gallery, a.k.a. The Guild, Inc., offering original contemporary art and fine crafts for sale.  Based in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Arts and Crafts Home.  A complete home furnishing service specializing in Arts and Crafts, Gothic Revival, and Aesthetic Movement designs.  Offers an impressive selection of replica furniture, home accessories, and more.  Also offers an exceptional research section focusing on these styles.  Located in Brighton, England.

Corbis Images.  Bill Gates' venture into the stock photography business.  Offers high resolution digital images for sale from a vast, searchable library.  Most of the larger sample images include a sizable watermark for security reasons, a common practice in the online stock photography market.

Cupola Contemporary Art.  A commercial art gallery site that specializes in modern art.  Nicely presented material, with interesting online exhibitions.  Apparently the gallery owners have an affection for cupolas as well.  Based in Sheffield, England.

Fotosearch Stock Photos.  Offers access to over 50 major stock photography vendors, all searchable from a single, easily navigated website.  Huge selection.  Also offers clipart, backgrounds, borders, maps, video clips, and other royalty free graphics.

Gallery Lingard.  An art gallery that specializes in selling historic architectural drawings.  Based in Chelsea, London, England.

The Global Gallery website.  A huge gallery of art posters for sale, with a searchable index.  It also features a large selection of classic Art Deco advertising posters under its vintage advertisement section.  Looks like it's based in Austin, Texas.

MontableauOffers fine art reproductions of paintings by famous artists.  Entirely hand painted oils.  Also provides oil painting services from photos.  Specializes in masterworks old enough to have passed into the public domain.  Reproduction of more contemporary paintings may be possible when granted permission by the copyright holder.

The Paintings Art Gallery.  A commercial art gallery specializing in hand painted reproductions of European old master paintings.

PhotovaultA stock photography company that offers a huge online selection of photos.  Also offers a stock video and film footage library.  Its searchable database is quick and easy to use.

Wisdom Fireplaces.  A commercial supplier of antique and newly made fireplaces.  Extraordinary selection of historic and modern fireplace styles.  Specializes in the reproduction of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau designs.  Based in Manchester, England.


The Clayton Bailey website.  Sculpture with tongue firmly set in cheek.  Creator of whimsical ceramics, funky life-size cyborgs, sci-fi inspired ray guns, and more.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  Official site of the artistic duo perhaps best known as being masters of wrap.

Direct Metal Sculpture, from Christopher T. Ray.  Showcases the late sculptor's outstanding work, as well as that of other sculptors and artists.  An absolutely delightful site, its depths well worth exploring.  The learning center area should not be missed, featuring, among other things, an exceptional online museum of sculpture and listing of other sculpture collections.

Ernst Fuchs Zentrum.  Features the works of artist and architect Ernst Fuchs, a founding member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.  They are on display in a historic villa that Fuchs acquired and renovated himself in the 1970s.  The jewel-like villa dates from 1888, and is the work of Austrian architect Otto Wagner, an important figure in the Viennese Secession.

The Richard Haas website.  A handsome site featuring the work of the world famous architectural muralist.

The Arthur Stern Studio.  A company that specializes in exquisite architectural glass design, with experience in restoring and/or replicating windows by Frank Lloyd Wright and other Prairie School architects.

Arthur Tress.  An artist with a flair for surrealistic and dreamlike photography.

Stickwork.  A website featuring the fanciful (and often architectonic) woven twig sculptures of artist Patrick Dougherty.

Other Good Links:

The Internet Movie Database.  Features reviews of and credits for millions of movies and TV programs from the past to the present day.

The New York Carver website.  Stone carver Joe Chiffriller shares his love of fine stonework.  Includes stone carving tours of selected cities, medieval art and architecture resources, an exhibition of his personal work, links to fellow artists, and more.

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