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Automaton on a Barcalounger.  From Dessau Bauhaus, Germany.  Photo by Erich Consemüller, 1927.  Bauhaus Museum exhibit, Berlin, Germany. Statue in wall near Church of Santa Susannah in Rome, Italy. Master goldsmith's gold statuette completely encrusted in precious stones.  In the Treasury of the Residenz Museum, Munich, Germany. Man fighting off serpents.  Statue near harbor in Helsingør?, Denmark.  Photo taken in Spring, 1982.
Marcel Breuer
Statue of Liberty re-creation on top of a frozen Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.  Taken from old postcard with photo by Willis McMillan.
? Artist
Statue of Zeus?
circa 1600
? Artist, Statue of
St. George & the
Dragon, 1586-97
? Artist, Statue of
Man vs. Serpents
Date unknown
You think you have bad hair days!  Snake haired woman of mythology.  In Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome, Italy.  From a 1981 postcard by Multigraf Terni. Detail of a monument for Niele Henrik Abel, Vigeland Musuem in Oslo, Norway.  G. Vigeland, 1875-1948.  From a 1982 postcard by Teigens Fotoatelier. Mask made of shells, 1927-28.  Collection de l'art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland.  An art collection of the mentally ill or criminally insane.  From a 1982 postcard by Germond.
Wisconsin Student
Assn., Miss Liberty II
(on ice), circa 1980
Abstract man on bike sculpture.  In the National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.
? Artist
Bike sculpture
Gian Lorenzo
Bernini, Bust of
Medusa, 1630
Gustav Vigeland
Bust of a Man
circa 1930?
P. Maisonneuve
L' éternelle infidèle
mid 20th Cent.

"You have set up in New York Harbor a monstrous idol which you call Liberty.  The only thing that remains to complete the monument is to put on its pedestal the inscription written by Dante on the gate of Hell: 'All hope abandon, ye who enter here.' "

- George Bernard Shaw quote found on the Internet, original source unknown.

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