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Driveway approach to an English Arts and Crafts inspired house. One of Irving Gill's early works, designed when he partnered with William Hebbard. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

General View from the Northwest
George W. Marston House, San Diego, California

Irving Gill and William Hebbard were the architects of this early Craftsman style house, designed and built between 1904-05.  Marston was a department store owner and a prominent civic leader.  Blueprints for the house show the upper floors with Tudor style half timbering.  Gill simplified the final elevations during construction, dropping the half timbering in the process.  This view shows the current driveway approach to the home, which originally was the return loop from the front facing entrance and porte cochère on the right.  The projecting wing on the left contains a kitchen and other service rooms.  The house is now open as a museum that is run by the San Diego Historical Society.  Photograph taken in 1997 by Howard J. Partridge.

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