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Charles H. Baldwin House

Exterior view of an early Shingle Style house. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

West (Front) Elevation from Street
Charles H. Baldwin House in Newport, Rhode Island

Built in 1877-78, this early Shingle Style home was designed by the architectural firm of William Appleton Potter and Robert Anderson Robertson.  According to a Historic American Building Survey report, a later 20th century owner named it "Gamir Doon", Armenian for "Red House".  One wonders if the name was as much a description of house's Bordeaux wine color as it was a tribute to Philip Webb's 1859 "Red House", built for William Morris, and one of the seminal works of the English Arts and Crafts Movement.  Like other Shingle Style houses, Potter and Robertson's design is an American interpretation of the Queen Anne and "Old English" styles of Richard Norman Shaw, the early American Colonial styles of New England, and the avant garde philosophy of the aforementioned English Arts and Crafts Movement.  Photograph taken in 1994 by Howard J. Partridge.
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