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Exterior view of the Art Nouveau style Horta Museum. Photo from a 1980's Horta Museum postcard.

Oblique Front Elevation
Horta House & Studio in Brussels, Belgium

Victor Horta designed and built this sinuous building pair for his own use between 1898 and 1901.  Horta's house is on the left, and his studio / office  is on the right.  Now home of the Horta Museum (more information available on the flash driven, multilingual Musee Horta website).  From an early 1980's Horta Museum postcard.

Only a few of Horta's works are open to the public on a regular basis.  This design provides the lucky visitor with an excellent example of his mature style.  One may also tour his earlier Maison Autrique, which opened in late 2004 after undergoing a major restoration.   Designed just before his commission for the Tassel house,  it provides an extraordinary view of the origins of Art Nouveau in Horta's works.

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